This is The One Meditation App You Absolutely Need To Install On Your Phone

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Life gets hectic. Nowadays with our insane schedules, stress has become a common emotion that we all feel at a continuous rate. We live in a busy and distracting world where we are constantly getting notified and updated with unnecessary information. People are constantly in a hurry and there never seems to be enough time.

The worst part is that setting aside a time for ourselves has become some kind of unattainable luxury. We neglect the importance of taking the time to be present and still. Although there is a ton of research supporting the benefits of meditation, truly dedicating ourselves to the practice is nearly impossible. It’s hard to break away from the distractions and settle our minds in the little that time we have.

The concept of meditation seems easy enough, but vague. You just need to be focused and calm and allow your mind to become clear. The actual practice, however, is not so simple despite its focus on simplicity. Our brains are wired to be constantly on the go, jumping from task to task. The art of being mindful and present requires a high level of self-discipline. Something that many people think they just don’t have the time to accomplish.

You don’t have time to be stressed

Although we think that we don’t have the time to be mindful and present, what we really don’t have the time for is the issues that come along with stress.

When you are experiencing stress, that is your body transitioning into “fight or flight mode”. This causes your heart rate to increase, your pupils to dilate, all of your senses are heightened, and blood is drained away from the digestive tract and pumped into your muscles and limbs. Everything around you is perceived as a threat.

When our nerves are constantly on the age, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, a weakened immune system, and will cause the body to age more quickly. If that last fact doesn’t snap you to attention, I don’t know what else will. Stress is literally stealing your youth.

Heightened stress responses will ultimately lead to depression which just opens up a whole other ugly can of worms. This may cause you to socially withdrawal, taking a toll on your relationships and ability to maintain them.

When it all gets to be too much, you may act rashly and make wrong decisions purely out of frustration. Lessening your load is important, but you don’t want to act impulsively just to get something off of your plate. That just creates another mess.

Now you can relax and let Calm the App work it’s magic

Introducing: Calm.

The convenient mediation app that you can always have at your disposal despite your hectic schedule. Like many meditative apps, it provides you with calming music and natural sound effects. But that’s not all! The unique feature that makes this a must-have item is the instructed meditation courses that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Many of us lack the ability to sit still and zone out. With the aid of an instructor, you’ll know where to guide your thoughts so you can maintain your focus.

No wonder Calm is the most popular mediation app used worldwide

There are a variety of courses and features to choose from to fit your needs and schedule.

Just pick your course, select the length of your session, and relax.

Regain Your Stillness by using “7 Days of Calm”

Learn the basics of mediation in just 7 days! Calm also offers a more intensive 21 day course. Do you have 3 weeks to become the master of your own mind?

Schools can be stressful, use “College Collection” that specific for College Students’s needs

This is meditation 101 for busy college students. If anyone understands stress, it’s undergrads. Impossible workloads, while maintaining a job and decent grade point average? Yikes!

Develop self-compassion and remind yourself that you are lovable

When you’re relaxed, you’re more open and welcoming to others. Not only that, but you are more open to yourself. Fall back in love with yourself through guided meditation.

There are dozens of courses to choose from. Choose the one that fits your mood and goal in mind. You’ll be calm in no time.

Available for Apple and Android!

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How to Fix: WordPress Site not Working on Localhost After Port Change

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If you have installed WordPress on localhost (example: using XAMPP) and then later you need to change the Apache’s HTTP port number, you will find that the existing WordPress installs will stop loading. It will auto redirect to the URL with the old port number and fail to load. Trying to load the WordPress install will result in a 404 error.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can easily rectify this issue so you can use the existing WordPress installs after a port change (no need to install WordPress from scratch).

Little Background

I have a few localhost WordPress installs that I used using Apache HTTP port #81. I needed to change the port #80 so I could create a new localhost WP Multi-site install (multi-site installs only work on port 80). When I changed the Apache’s configuration to use port 80, all my existing WordPress sites stopped loading. this tutorial contains the steps I took to resolve the issue.

The Main Reason for the Existing WP Site to Not Load

The reason the site is not loading after the port change is because of the site URL value (that contains the old port number) in the wp_options table. So we are going to update that value to the new port number.

Update the WP Database Table

Here is how you can fix it by updating the port number value in the database:

  • Access PHPMyAdmin tool. http://localhost:80/phpmyadmin and log in.
  • Click on the WordPress site’s database (the one that is not working).
  • Click on the “SQL” tab.
  • We are going to execute a DB query to search and replace the old port value.
  • Execute the following query:
UPDATE `table_name` 
SET `field_name` = replace(field_name, 'old_text', 'new_text')

In my case, the exact query that I executed is the following (I was going from port 81 to the default port):

UPDATE `wp_options`
SET `option_value` = replace(option_value , 'http://localhost:81', 'http://localhost')

That should do it. Check the WordPress site and it should be accessible now.

Search Gmail Like a Pro with These Modifiers

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It’s been said several times before that if you live by the Google, you can only expect to die by the Google. That’s in the context of relying heavily on organic search engine traffic, which can disappear in an instant with an algorithm update. All of that hard SEO work could go down the toilet.

Whether or not you subscribe to such a philosophy, it is undeniable that Google is a positively invaluable tool for all Internet marketers. Even if you don’t rely on organic search traffic, Google itself can really help to empower a lot of what you do on the web and, for the most part, these services are provided to you for free.

The main search engine is obvious enough, making it easy for you to find the information you need. You might also be familiar with some of the available search modifiers, like putting quotes around a term to get an exact phrase match or inputting to only return results from that specific domain. You can utilize similar modifiers in Gmail.

This is true whether you use an actual email address or you run your own domain’s email through Gmail. Because of the abundant amount of storage made available to you, you may feel inclined to “archive” the overwhelming majority of your messages rather than delete them outright. And in doing so, you can leverage the power of Google’s search technology to seek out messages with vital information that you may have archived months or even years ago.

Just like the main Google search engine, you can go about this in a rather organic way, searching for the terms or phrases you think might be relevant. Or you can search like a power user by utilizing one or more search operators from within Gmail. These are all accessible via the “search” bar at the top of your Gmail screen.


While many people don’t really use the “folder” system in Gmail anymore, it’s still there if you want to use it. And even if you don’t actively use it, some default folders are always going to be there too, like starred, chats, and trash. If you know that the message you’re looking for is in a particular folder, you can use this modifier. If you know that the information you need is in a Google Hangouts conversation, then preface your search with “in:chats” to limit the search to your chats. Using is:chat serves the same purpose.


Files get sent back and forth via email all the time, from images to PDF documents to multimedia files. Let’s say that you know a colleague sent you an important Word document recently, but you don’t remember what it is called or who it was that sent it. To find that, enter “filename:doc” or “filename:docx” to limit the search to messages that contain a .doc (or a .docx) attachment. If you know the exact filename, that’s even better. Search for “filename: john-chow-contract.doc” to find that specific attachment.


This is pretty obvious. By using the “from” search operator in Gmail, you’ll bring up all the messages that are from a particular sender. What’s great is that this works with not only the person’s email address, but also his or her name if it’s part of the “from” header in the message. For instance, maybe you’re looking for a message from Jane Smith but you don’t remember that her email address is Simply put “From:Jane” in the search field.


While this might sound like a natural extension of the “from” modifier, it can be used in an even more powerful way. Yes, you can look for messages that were sent to a particular recipient, both by name or email address. Where this can get more interesting is if you use Gmail to manage multiple email addresses or if you’ve created modifiers to your main Gmail address.

You might already know, for example, that is the same as and By signing up for different services using these kinds of modifiers, you can look for messages that were sent to those particular modified addresses, thus limiting your search to messages related to where you use that modified address.


Most people know that if you put quotes around any phrase, the search will only look for an exact match on that phrase. That’s why a search for vancouver bloggers is different from a search from “vancouver bloggers” for example. With the former, while the search ideally returns messages containing both terms, that might not necessarily be the case. To do that, you can group terms together using parentheses like this: (vancouver bloggers).


Maybe you want to find a message that contains two specific terms, but you don’t want to return messages where those two terms are really far apart from one another and thus may not be directly related. That’s when the “around” modifier can come in handy.

When you search for “internet around 4 mastermind” (without the quotes), the results will show messages where the words “internet” and “mastermind” appear within four words of one another.


If you’re like me, then you’ve been using Gmail for a very long time. This also means you have literally thousands and thousands of messages sitting in there and you don’t have the time to sift through them all to look for something specific. Even if you get the right search term, you might have to wade through a long history before you get to what you want. That’s where time modifiers can be useful.

If you utilize after:2016/01/31, you’ll only get messages from after January 31, 2016. If you include before:2017/01/02, you’ll only get messages from before January 2, 2017. You can then use a combination of these two to create a specific date range. The modifiers older: and newer: work in the same way.


This might sound similar to the before: and after: modifiers, but the difference here is that you don’t use an actual date. Instead, you use a period of time. So, if your search includes older_than:3m, the results will only include messages that are older than three months. Use “d” for days and “y” for years. On the flipside, newer_than: will do the reverse, finding messages that are newer than a certain period of time.


And finally, this modifier came in especially useful for me recently when I found that I was actually getting close to using all of my Google Drive space. Yes, I know! I could upgrade the cloud storage, but I’m already using Dropbox and OneDrive too. I found that Gmail was a fairly large culprit and one way to clear up space was to delete older messages with giant attachments I no longer needed.

When you include the modifier larger:5M, for instance, the search results will bring back messages that are larger than 5MB. If you don’t put the M, it will assume the number refers to the number of bytes. If, for whatever reason, you’re looking for tiny messages, smaller: also works.

Remember that you can use a combination of any of these to really refine your search results. Putting a hyphen (-) before your search term, just like in Google, will also remove messages containing that term from your results.

Do you have a favorite Gmail search operator or search trick that I missed?

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Become a Professional Designer in a Few Minutes With Canva

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No matter what jobs you do, a project will involve one or more of design-related tasks such as editing photos, creating special presentation slides, creating posters, wallpapers and unique imagery.

If you’re not a designer, you have a few basic options:

  1. Hire one. It can be expensive; the average freelance designer rate is about $75-$150/hour now.[1]
  2. Use tools like Photoshop or InDesign yourself. It’s often complicated and can take many steps to achieve something relatively basic.

In both situations, time, effort, money are expanded.

What if there was a simpler way?

There is, and it’s called Canva

Canva has about 10 million active users. Their basic value proposition is that you can create professional and great designs from scratch in a few minutes. There are default templates to guide you, but customization is also available. It’s all relatively simple and very intuitive, which makes it highly valuable.

I’m going to highlight a few features that will be most useful for your everyday work.

Design Grids

Choose from a number of design grids to create creative layout. All you need to do is drag and drop the images to fill the boxes in the grids.

Photo Editing

From adjusting a photo’s size, to enhancing a photo, to add special effects to it, you can edit any photo easily with a few clicks. Read more about how to make use of all the photo editing features here.

Narrative for Any Photo

Easily customize your message with different font, style and color and insert it in anywhere of a photo.

Create Graphs

Create stunning graphs to go with your reports, presentations and infographics. You can customize the colors and fonts of the graphs to make them engaging for your audience.

Design a Presentation

With an access to hundreds of beautifully designed layouts, you can create presentations on any topic. All you need to do is choose the right images, fonts and colors to make your presentation inspiring.

Create a Poster

You can choose from 1 million+ stock images as baselines, add dozens of potential filters, and live-edit the text. The result is a professional outcome at a significantly-reduced cost.

Create Your Professional Design in Minutes

Design skills throughout history have been in the hands of the few, which makes them highly-coveted, well-compensated specialists. That’s still true, but if your organization can’t afford great design at present, or you’re in a start-up/scaling phase, Canva is a great resource to experiment with logos, branding, and design.

The Webby Awards actually called Canva

“the easiest to use design program in the world.”

What are you waiting for? Visit Canva and start to create your own professional design in minutes.


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10 Smart Home Gadgets You Need To Live A More Efficient And Productive Life

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Our smartphones have become the ultimate gadget to compliment our lives. There’s an app to help us improve almost any area of our life and we’re always curious to see how the latest phone can help make our lives more convenient.

While having all this in our pocket is advantageous to our busy lives, we mustn’t overlook home gadgets that can help provide us comfort and convenience. From directly controlling our heating and lights without even being in the house, to remote control vacuum cleaners, there are a plethora of handy inventions to make life a little bit more productive and efficient.

10 Gadgets to Enhance Your Home Life

With all the tools and gizmos on the market it can be easy to miss some that could potentially be of benefit to us. Here are a selection of weird and wonderful gadgets that are designed to help you in living a better life.

1. Spigo Indoor LED Light Grow Garden, Pearl White

For people with green fingers who live in the city, this is the ultimate way to grow your plants indoors in an eco-friendly way. It provides 8 hours of adjustable white light that mimics sunlight to help your plants grow efficiently. It also has a water gauge that helps determine how much water you have left in the reservoir. It’s a convenient size so it can fit on your kitchen top or even office desk.

2. Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Portions Nutritional Facts Display

Want to know the exact nutritional information in your food without the hassle of scanning barcodes and researching online? This scale will help you live a healthier lifestyle and keep you cognisant of the nutritional value in your daily meals. It tracks sugar intake, calories, fat and much more to help you keep your health goals.

3. TrackR pixel – Bluetooth Tracking Device

If you’re prone to losing things this is the gadget for you. Tag your items using the TrackR pixel tracker and use it together with the TrackR app on your phone to ring and find your misplaced item. If found, the TrackR global Crowd Locate will alert you when your missing item has been spotted.

4. Philips Digital Airfryer, The Original Airfryer

This contraption will allow you to fry with 75% less fat making it an essential addition if you’re frying habits need to be more healthy. It fries quickly and evenly without compromising on quality or taste. As a Philips collaboration with Gordon Ramsey, this is an excellent component to your kitchen gadget haul.

5. PETKIT FRESH METAL Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

Make feeding your pets much easier with a bowl that calculates the amount of calories your pet is consuming based on breed and weight. It works together with the app so you can easily track information and suggests how much food your pet should be eating. It has a handy measurement converter, anti-bacterial bowl and removable dish that can be washed in the dishwasher.

6. Violife Style Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitiser

We probably don’t think too much about the health of our toothbrush but this device will clean it for you after each use. It uses UV light technology found in hospitals and a high end water purification process that helps keep your brush, and ultimately, your oral health tip top.

7. FOREO LUNA 2 Personalised Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Face Massager 

If you want to rev up your skin routine in one process, this facial brush will do the trick. It’ll reveal brighter, radiant skin using the power of T-Sonic pulsations that unclog pores and removes dirt and makeup. You can adjust the pulsations to make it more anti-age friendly helping to eliminate wrinkles and create firmer skin.

8. Bidet4me Music Showerhead Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you like to sing along in the shower then this will allow you to not only connect up the music on your phone using bluetooth, but lets you answer important calls. That’s not all, it contains water-saving technology and is easily detachable so you can use it as a speaker in any room in the house.

9. eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

If you like to do a lot of house improvements then you’re probably never far from a tape measure. This digital version displays your measurements clearly and remembers several at once, it features centerline calculation and allows different measurement units as well as being weather resistant and durable.

10. Wireless video doorbell with WiFi-Enabled Smart Home Security Camera

If you want to be more vigilant when it comes to your home, this doorbell is the ultimate security device. It allows you to video chat with whoever comes to your door whether you’re at home or not thanks to the DorBell App. It’ll even send you photo updates and mobile alerts when someone approaches your front door giving you peace of mind.

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The Best Date Night Movies That Guys Will Enjoy Just As Much As Girls

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Watching a movie is a great way to spend time with your significant other, but not all movies are created equally.

We go to the movies to be entertained, but that doesn’t mean that we watch films just for laughs. Good movies can inspire conversation and deepen the connection that we have with one another. The key is to find films that will be meaningful for both you and your partner.

But oftentimes, couples have different interests, which can make picking the perfect movie a challenge. My boyfriend loves sci-fi films such as Star Trek. I prefer films based on history, like The Pianist.

We respect each other’s taste in cinema, and we like to find movies that will be meaningful for both of us. A film like the 2004 version of The Phantom of the Opera directed by Joel Schumacher is an excellent choice for us. It has all the beauty and magic of a theatre production, the aesthetic appeal of historical films, elements of the supernatural, and it also compels us to think about the nature of love itself.

Even though you and your partner may prefer different film styles and themes, there are certain movies that are almost guaranteed to be meaningful for both of you.

I’ve compiled 15 of my favorite films to watch with a partner into a list so that you can spend more time enjoying good movies and less time scouring Netflix for the perfect film.

1. Couples Retreat

When Jason and Cynthia realize their marriage is in trouble, they decide to go on a couples’ retreat in paradise. The retreat is available for a special group rate, so they invite their six closest friends. The three couples traveling with them assume that they will be able to have a relaxing vacation, but the retreat center requires all participants to partake in all the activities. Couples Retreat (2009) follows four couples as they are placed in awkward and hilarious situations.

Although this film is a comedy, it encourages viewers to take stock of their own relationships. This movie reinforces that no relationship is perfect or easy. Happy couples put lots of effort into making sure that their relationship grows and flourishes. Watching this movie is an opportunity to get a few laughs, but it will also offer you space to discuss things that you can do to make your relationship stronger.

Check out Couples Retreat for your next movie night.

2. Date Night

A bored couple decides that they’d like to have a romantic date. When they are unable to get a table at a swanky New York restaurant, the husband decides to be spontaneous and takes another couple’s reservation. A case of mistaken identity leads the jaded couple on the wildest night of their life.

Date Night (2010) will keep you laughing and hold you in suspense as the pair work to outsmart their pursuers. When a relationship is boring, it often means that the couple hasn’t had to work to overcome challenges together. This movie might encourage you and your boyfriend to be more spontaneous.

Add some humor and adventure to your evening with Date Night.

3. Alfie

Jude Law plays a limo driver who likes to womanize. He has a series of one-night stands, which only serve to harm the people he cares about the most. Alfie realizes that his actions affect the lives of others.

Alfie (2004) encourages people to think about the way that they treat one another. Playing the field may seem tempting, but it can damage lives. Couples will walk away from this one remembering the importance of being honest and staying committed and faithful to one another.

Watch Alfie on your next date.

4. That Thing You Do!

When the drummer from a local band breaks his arm before a talent show, Guy Patterson fills in. Guy increases the tempo of the band’s song, which spurs their journey to stardom. Being famous takes its toll on the bands’ relationships.

That Thing You Do! (1996) shows people struggling to find their footing and stay connected in the face of fame. Even though you and your boyfriend may not grapple with the pressures of fame, life will challenge you to grow together and follow your heart. This movie shows us the consequences of unfaithfulness and the rewards of loyalty in relationships.

That Thing You Do! will remind you to stay strong together no matter what life throws your way.

5. Begin Again

Greta and her boyfriend, Dave, move to New York to write songs together and pursue careers in music. When Dave lands a record deal, he becomes entangled in the lifestyle of a famous musician, leaving Greta to sort out her life. Greta encounters another person looking for a fresh start.

Watching Begin Again (2013) will give you and your boyfriend a chance to talk about how the past does not have to define you. You can learn from your experiences and look forward to a future with amazing possibilities.

Watch Begin Again to get swept up in the romance of helping each other grow.

6. Lost in Translation

When aging actor, Bob Harris, travels to Tokyo to endorse a brand of whiskey, he’s in the midst of a midlife crisis. He meets Charlotte, a newlywed who has been left at the hotel while her husband works as a celebrity photographer. Bob and Charlotte strike up a friendship at the bar and come to know one another over the course of their stay.

The protagonists in Lost in Translation (2013) find out what’s important to them when they’re placed in an unfamiliar environment. People can be drawn together through interesting circumstances. This film is thoughtful and endearing. Couples can think about what they value about one another as they follow this story.

Watch Lost in Translation to appreciate that your bond with your partner may not always be what others expect, but it works for you.

7. Juno

When the teenage Juno becomes pregnant, she decides that she wants to give her baby up for adoption. She finds prospective parents for her baby and gets to know them before the child’s birth. Juno (2007) follows a pair of teenagers and a married couple as they learn what real love is.

This movie asks its audience to think about what true love and dedication look like. Everyone has an idealized concept of how relationships should be, but they’re usually much more complicated. Juno is about people owning their truth—even if it’s scary. In your own relationship, it can offer you a chance to reaffirm your commitment, boundaries, and feelings.

Watch Juno on movie night to enjoy a quirky romance and remember that love can be complicated.

8. About Time

When Tim’s father reveals that he can travel in time, he vows to find a girlfriend. Time travel comes with its own set of complexities, but in spite of all this, Tim must learn to use his gift to make the most of his life with the woman he loves.

About Time (2013) is a feel-good film, which is sure to entertain you and your boyfriend. Together you can wonder about what, if anything, you’d change if you could travel back in time.

Take a walk down memory lane after you watch About Time with your partner.

9. 50 First Dates

50 First Dates (2004) follows the story of Henry Roth, a man who lives and works in Hawaii. He has a series of flings before falling in love with Lucy Whitmore. Lucy suffers from a form of short-term memory loss that makes her forget everything from the previous day, including Henry. Henry is so dedicated to her that he has to find ways to introduce himself to her every day.

This film has all the humor and campiness that you’d expect from an Adam Sandler movie, but it also has a powerful message for couples. Henry’s willingness to go to extreme lengths to help Lucy remember him is an expression of true love. You and your partner can reflect on what you would be willing to do to help one another in an extreme situation like this.

Think about how far you’d be willing to go to help your partner when you watch 50 First Dates.

10. The Holiday

Two women, one suffering from unrequited love, and the other facing a break up, switch homes over Christmas. Their holiday plans take them to opposite sides of the Atlantic, and give them the opportunity to find love.

Love in real life, just like in The Holiday (2006), often involves a series of improbable circumstances that bring people together. You’ll not only be charmed by this film, but you and your boyfriend can also talk about the way that you found one another.

Watch The Holiday and think about the happiness you’ve found with your partner in spite of previous heartaches.

11. One Day

Dexter and Emma have a one-night stand on the night of their college graduation. One Day (2011) revisits each of them on the anniversary of that event for several years. Their friendship is on-again off-again, but after many years they realize the roles that they play in each others’ lives.

Relationships can be complicated, and One Day does a great job of showing the ways that people can grow together and apart. During the course of your relationship, you will encounter circumstances that unify your partnership and those that threaten to dismantle your bond. This film is about the importance of staying present and maneuvering through all of life’s challenges to find what is truly important.

Think about what brought you together and how you’ve changed one another’s lives when you view One Day together.

12. The Tourist

Frank Tupelo takes a trip to Europe, where he meets the irresistible Elise. A case of mistaken identity leaves Frank with more than he bargained for in this fast-paced action and romance.

The Tourist (2010) is full of twists and turns that will keep you engaged from start to finish. The film demonstrates that not everything is as it appears. If you and your boyfriend want to step away from romantic comedies for something more serious and action-packed, this is the one for you.

Watch The Tourist when you want to watch a romance full of action and plot-twists.

13. 500 Days of Summer

Tom is a hopeless romantic who falls for Summer. Summer doesn’t believe in love or relationships, but the two date for over a year. When Summer abruptly calls off their relationship, Tom is forced to reflect on their time together and his understanding of love.

500 Days of Summer (2009) is a thought-provoking look at what love feels like. You and your boyfriend can enjoy this emotional and hopeful story. You’ll get the opportunity to think about your journey together as you experience Tom and Summer’s story.

Watch 500 Days of Summer together to think about what love means for both of you.

14. The Break-Up

Brooke and Gary decide that it’s time to split, but neither of them are willing to move out of the home that they share. Since they refuse to leave the condo, they grudgingly continue to live under the same roof. They are both bitter, which leads them to do a series of things to annoy one another.

The Break-Up (2006) offers us a look at the darker side of love. This drama puts its protagonists in comedic situations that help them understand their roles in each others’ lives. You’ll get a few laughs, but you and your boyfriend may also gain an appreciation for the way that you work together and accept imperfections.

The Break-Up is funny, but it will also make you think about how you communicate with each other.

15. Love & Other Drugs

Jamie is a womanizing pharmaceutical rep trying to climb the corporate ladder. He meets his match when he encounters Maggie, who refuses to be tied down by a boyfriend. Despite their attitudes about relationships, the pair end up getting together. Over the course of the film, we learn the reason for Maggie’s reluctance to be attached to anyone.

You and your partner will enjoy Love & Other Drugs (2010) because the film asks you to think about what matters in your life. Even if you aren’t a wealthy pair, you can still find happiness together.

Check out Love & Other Drugs to think about what happiness will look like for both of you in the future.

Keep This List Handy!

The next time date night rolls around, you’ll have a list of 15 movies sure to bring you and your boyfriend closer together. Save this list to avoid wasting time scrolling through channels looking for meaningful entertainment.

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How to Make Aging Unseeable and Even Reversible

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Look at your hands. They’re one of the best predictors to tell you that you’ve been aging. Forget the wrinkles in the face, your hands tell a better story.

They’ve onced looked young and tense, am I right? Right now the skin may feel a little bit loose. Your bones might be popping out stronger than they have popped out just two years ago. The point is: Aging is everywhere and it happens rapidly. But there’s a way we might be able to slow down the process of it.

The True Cause Of Aging

‘Not dying’, is on the bucket list of Bill Gates. According to a Reddit response of him, this billionaire truly wants to rewrite the rules of nature. But aging is a very complex topic.

What differentiates living organisms from dead things, is that living organism are able to adapt to stresses. Your muscles will get stronger if you exercise with a dumbbell. Your muscles are getting damaged, repaired and then improved. Throw a dumbbell at a rock and the rock will be shattered. Permanently.

But here’s the thing: To adapt to certain stresses, your cells in your body need to divide. But: Your cells in your body can only divide a certain amount of time. Once your cells have divided themselves one time too often, they automatically go into programmed cell death. This is a defense mechanism of your body, the more times your cells are copying themselves, the more likely an error will occur. If an error occurs in cell division, it can lead to cancer.

The accumulation of dead cells in a certain tissue results in aging.

How to Prevent Aging

There’s a way that you can minimize the accumulation of the dead cells in your body though. With lifestyle changes you can slow down the division of your cells and minimize the probability of errors occuring in the process.

Pay Attention To Your Nutrition

Have you ever heard of antioxidants? These components of a food can help reduce the stresses that your cells face.

Plants contain 64 times more antioxidants than animal products. The plant group that has the most antioxidants are berries. But also beverages like green tea and coffee can give you a temporary spike in your cell defense system.

Start To Exercise

Exercising makes you look younger. There’s no science needed here, it’s what we realize on a daily basis.

Doing a workout is a short term stress situation for your body, but it makes him stronger in the long run. Especially beneficial in living a healthy life is cardiovascular training. Cardio, such as running, reduces the likelihood of heart disease, our leading cause of death.

Meditate Daily

This one might be a tip that you’re not aware of. Our life is busy. Often we forget to live in the moment and worry about the future or feel guilty about the past. This creates stress and leads to cell death.

Take some time out of your day where you simply focus on your breath, it could only be 5 minutes. In fact I used a checklist and started with 2 minutes each day and afterwards slowly increased the time.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Last week I slept an average of 5 hours. There was a little bit more stress in my life than I’m used to deal with. This forced me to go to sleep later and wake up earlier, plus completely neglecting my sleep quality. I feel ten years older just after surviving this one, crazy week.

Sleep is a way your body can shut down and repair itself. The shutting of process is crucial for your immune system, which is responsible or your health and beauty.

Where To Start

I often talk about being in an upward and downward spiral in your life. Good actions often bring other good actions with them and vice versa. If you’re eating healthier your sleep quality and exercise level will also improve. If you sleep poorly your exercise level and nutrition will also likely plummet. Your habits are interconnected with each other.

What you need to do now is have a close look at your habits. Which one of these four pillars to prevent aging you could start with:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercising
  3. Meditation
  4. Sleep

Pick the one you have the most improvement potential and then start from there. Do everything to get better at that one pillar, without neglecting the other ones. Shortly after improving that one pillar you will notice, that all the other three will also be improved. Congratulations, you’re in an upward spiral now.

To see me further elaborate about this topic, in animated video format, click here: Youtube HD – How Not To Age

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The Fear of Missing out Has Been Around Forever Even Without the Social Media

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FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. It has been a popular concept for the last decade or so—largely because of the corresponding rise of social media.

Many people are now linking FOMO and social media but FOMO isn’t a new concept. It’s been around since almost the dawn of time.

Before social media, you were afraid of missing out. The insecurity of being left out was strong when a friend didn’t invite you to a party, when you didn’t understand an inside joke of others, or when someone knew something you had never heard of.

Humans Are Designed to Fear Missing Out

Consistent inclusion makes people feel safe. Humans were designed to live together in communities.

Imagine you are on a scout team. The scout team goes into a jungle, but leaves you behind. As they build a camp together, you’re left alone. How do you feel?

Probably lonely. You feel as if you’re not needed and easy to forget about. You have no value. Because you’re alone with the elements, you understand there’s a degree of danger to the situation. It’s scary.

Sticking together is safe. Being left out is insecure. This perception is reinforced when people have got in touch with the social media. Social media has made this worse but it didn’t create it. Now people have a desire to not get left out both digitally and in the real world, that’s how the problem has compounded.

Chasing for Inclusion Intensifies the Fear

FOMO creates an overwhelming situation socially. If you seek to never be left out, you will always pursue friends’ gatherings, every single piece of information, all the inside jokes, etc. It becomes too much. Your energy drains, and you lose time and effort towards other projects, relationships, and work. The only thing you get from chasing an end to FOMO is a sense of instant gratification for being “in the know” or “never left out.” That chase, however, has no end in sight. It’s exhausting.

It also creates a context where your self-esteem can become based on the approval of others, which is dangerous. Most people don’t have the attention to pay to the entire social sphere, online or in-person, so you’ll always be left out of events or info here and there because it would be impossible to always be included. But if your self-esteem is tied up in others’ approval, those moments when you are left out will hurt even more. You can begin to question your basic value.

The Joy of Missing Out

Think on life like this: how worthy you are depends on two things. (1) is what you do and (2) how you contribute. Your self-worth cannot be tied to missing out on the events of others. Think about what you want for yourself, not what others want for themselves.

When you’re clear about what you want, the things you miss out on tend to be less important. What you have missed out will no longer hold on to you.

To experience the joy of missing out, you need to realize that your own worth comes from within. You are the only person you can control. Approve yourself and make the security come from within. The fear of missing out will no longer haunt you when you feel safe with what you have within.

One of the first rules of building self-esteem is to focus on improving yourself but never expect perfection. You need to start weaning yourself off your bad habits and onto new ones. View life through a prism of “progress not perfection.” Perfection is unattainable for almost all of us. But progress at the aspects of life you care about—relationships, health, your profession, financial literacy, etc.—is possible. Try to track where you are week-to-week and month-to-month. As you see progress, you will begin to feel better about yourself. Try saving $10 one week, then $15 the next week, then $20. In a year, you’ll be trying to save $500+ per week. Progress.

As you build self-esteem through these methods and take care of you, the need for FOMO will slip away.

Read more about how to boost your self-esteem: We Don’t Need More Likes, We Need Self-Esteem

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How to Rewire Your Mind for Success

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If someone offered to give you the drug Bradley Cooper took in “Limitless” would you take it? If you could swallow a pill that was 100% safe and would instantly inspire you – would take it?

I know I would. I’m sure most people walking the planet would. A simple shift in mindset is what most of us need – and if a pill could help us feel our full potential and take action on it – it would be incredible. Sadly, it’s unlikely a drug like that exists, and if you’re like me – you’d rather find healthy and safe ways to have success.

Instead of seeking the pill, you can cultivate a healthy mind and wire your brain for success in more sustainable ways – ways that guarantee you can have health, wealth, and a long happy life.

One of the best paths to creating a powerful mind is to study peak performance states. While many of us have had the experience of being ‘in the zone’ most of us haven’t figured out how to repeat those states consciously. In my case, I know I’ve often wanted those ‘flow states,’ but they came to me by accident…or some would say, “by the grace of God.”

Unfortunately, that’s not sufficient. We’re not interested in having the best peak experiences be left to the gods – we deserve to be in control. One of the best resources on how to ‘wire your mind for success’ can be found in Steven Kotler’s work. Until Steven’s work I never really fully understood how to get that state where performance is at peak – instead, it just happened. Most of the time it was just luck, or so I thought.

Let me share a few points that you can use instantly to help you create peak states more often:

1. Control Your Environment

Walk into any Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Barnes & Noble – and you’ll notice they always have similar layouts. The music, the chairs, the smells, the clothes their employees wear. It’s always the same in every store.

As billion-dollar empires, these stores are made to help you ‘feel the same every time.’ Every visit trains you to feel a certain way. The more you go into these stores, the more your mind gets wired to believe how the owners of these empires want you to feel.

If you want to tap into this same genius, here’s one of your first ‘mind hacks’ to help you wire your mind for success.

First, start by performing tasks in the same environment. Find an environment where you feel most able to complete your task at hand. Next, create an awesome playlist that inspires you. Any playlist where the music just sucks you in and will help you get tapped in.

To better elucidate this and make this example more concrete – let me give you an example.

When I go to the gym, I have a special ‘amp me up’ playlist. It’s got a series of songs which get me jacked up. For years I’ve listened to these songs while at the gym. Anytime I hear them – I feel pumped! If you make yourself a playlist that elicits feelings, it will get into the zone faster. And the more you use this playlist, the more those mental grooves will settle in.

When you combine a controlled environment with music – you’re guaranteed to create a mind wired for success. Repeat this over and over and soon enough – you show up and your mind will go right into that peak state. First you have to control where you do your task, do it in the wrong place and you won’t reap the rewards.

If you decided to go a vegan conference and all there were only vegan foods – soon enough you’d be eating vegan and talking to vegans. If you went to a meat eating conference, it’s likely you’d soon find yourself eating meat and learning about the powers of consuming beef. Similarly, if you go to the gym to work out you’ll make yourself work out. Your surroundings will shape your habits, your will, and who you become.

Use this intelligence to your advantage. Control your environment. Use an environment that compliments your tasks, and you’ll find yourself getting a lot more done.

“I think it’s important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state – meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.” – Heidi Klum

2. Show Up

There are days I want inspiration to hit me. Thinking this way only delays success. Hoping the gods will look kindly on you and gift you with a muse is not how genius happens. As the great Thomas Edison once put it: The people who get the results are the people who show up.

When I read about Michael Jordan, I often read his coaches say: “Jordan was the first to show up and the last to leave.” Sure Michael had natural talent, but his genius was that he showed up.

One great example of how genius is born can be found in author, professor and researcher, Malcolm Gladwell’s work. According to Malcolm’s renowned research, a true expert devotes over 10,000 hours of practice to their craft. No way around the time needed to become the best. Time is the friend of excellence.

Show up, control the environment, use the playlist, and reap the rewards. This is the magic pill that unlike some Hollywood fantasy has worked for millions of men and women – and it can work for you too – all without any adverse effects.

“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” – Woody Allen

What steps are you going to take today to make sure you achieve success? Let us know in the comments below!

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