How you can make $5 this week online

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Swago Make 5 dollars

Getting $5 for free online? Bingo. Well, more like Swago!

On Swagbucks, users can score free gift cards every day by shopping, watching videos and exploring great content in the web. It’s fun, easy and lets me treat myself in between paychecks.

TODAY, June 30th, Swagbucks will be even more fun with a daily nCrave Swago board. Swago is a lot like BINGO. On each tile, there’s a new nCrave specific activity that will help you explore all that nCrave has to offer: you can watch videos, click through slideshows and play around on new websites – all for points called SB. 100 SB always equals $1 or more in Paypal cash or gift cards. It can all amount to a whole lot of cash.

You can get up to 50 SB bonus every day for completing all 25 board tiles. That’s in addition to the SB you already get by exploring through nCrave. You can find yourself racking up enough SB for a free $5 gift card by the end of the week. That’s like a win/win/win!

Not a Swagbucks member? Sign up for a free account today!

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