Tips #4: How To Control Your Temper Before You Lose It

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Tips #4: Picture Yourself Getting Angry and See How It Would Look

Looking at situations in the third person can be useful for problem solving, but it can also help you shift your perspective on situations when you’ve lost sight of things. When your temper rises, tunnel vision narrows your thoughts, making it seem like getting angry is the only course of action.

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If you imagine how you look and behave while you’re angry, it gives you some perspective on the situation. For instance, if you’re about to shout at your co-worker, imagine how you would look. Is your face red? Are you waving your arms around? Would you want to work with someone like that? Probably not.

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8 Things I Know For Sure That Can Catapult You Towards An Unstoppable Life

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Meeting with someone who has an unstoppable life makes you think twice about yours. I meet people like this every day, and I use their strategies to help all of you with your own lives. The advice I am about to share is not the sort of advice you may have heard before, but I have tried each strategy.

What I’ve learned and what you will see is that life can be so much easier when you simplify things down and take the time to pick up a few quick tips along the way. As you add more tools to your toolbox, you become a master of your own trade.

None of you reading this require motivation: what you require is basic tips and advice that can allow you to become just a little bit better each day. That said, advice and tips are not enough. You need to unlock something within you that makes you look and feel unstoppable.

Below are the eight things that I know for sure which will catapult you towards having an unstoppable life:


1. Passion trumps all

If you watch a reality TV show about cooking or singing you will notice one thing about all the winners; they have this look about them that pours out of their eyes. Every activity they engage in and every song they sing, there is something driving them that the other contestants don’t have.

There is an inner tragedy or an emotional event that is creating a drive of motivation that the other contestants are lacking. Their reason for being there is part of a much bigger vision. The winners of these shows have visualised themselves standing on the stage at the finale.

These contestants believe in themselves even though they have no reason to do so. They’re the underdogs and the one’s who will keep going when everybody else doesn’t see the point. They’re the ones that care about the other contestants and go to bed before everyone else.

Passion Trumps All - X factor SingingSo I ask you, are you one of these contestants in your own life? Do you believe that your passion is fundamental for everything you achieve? If you didn’t answer yes then that’s okay; it just means you’re not at that level yet, and now you have something to strive for.

The truth is, you have to be that contestant, and you have to find a level of passion that is going to outweigh everyone else. If you don’t, you will just be second best and unfortunately, as hard as this is to say, no one remembers second best. Second best is just not good enough.


2. Give 30% of something

Whatever resources you have, you must give at least 30% of them away. Whether that’s your own time, your own money or even your knowledge, this is crucial to having an unstoppable life. It’s not the resources themselves, but the habit of giving that is the message you need to get.

You don’t give stuff away because you want anything in return, or you want people to think you’re cool, you do it because this Earth relies on sustainability to regenerate everything that we love. Your act of giving is a way for our human existence to carry on long after you have left this world.

You must find a way to give because it’s in your human nature – it’s who you are. Giving is what got you here in the first place, and it’s what will create the generations that supersede you. It’s not about you it’s about something much bigger than that.

I believe you have the power to be a magnet for everything you have ever wanted. I believe you can be a New York Times Best Selling Author or an Olympic Champion – but, it doesn’t start with what you must do, it starts with what you must give.

You must inspire people to find their true passion and to find belief, and their own dreams in what you do. There are so many ways you can give so find the one that works for you and allows you to give the most. That’s just another way you can live an unstoppable life.


3. Reframe from one negative thought per day

Your life will start to transform when you experience more positive thoughts than negative thoughts each day. Moving the scales in favour of the positive thoughts is challenging. Like any challenge, though, you have to start small.

When I first started trying to achieve this goal I consistently failed because I got mad at how many negative thoughts I had per day. The good news was that at least I was noticing now how many negative thoughts I was having.

The goal for you is to start by stopping yourself from having or executing on one negative thought per day. It’s so easy for you to shoot your mouth off and then think about it or be upset by your actions later on. Developing self-control is where you need to be at.

So let’s not over complicate this. Aim to catch one negative thought per day and then do this very easy trick: decide not to take action and focus on the next thing. If you find this hard initially then try this more advanced tip: tell yourself that you will act on this negative thought tomorrow.

Smile to the people you meet, you will find that smiling is contagious. :)

It’s the best lie ever because this thought will hold nowhere near as much power tomorrow. If the thought does still exist even after all of that, and you still want to take action, then talk with a rational colleague or friend and tell them what you are going to do.

There’s a good chance they will talk you out of it. Positive thoughts are what have the power to catapult you towards having an unstoppable life. There’s nothing hard about it.

One tip: go for one thought a day and no more otherwise you will do what I did and consistently lose. Losing hurts and losing will probably make you give up.

“By taking the power out of your negative thoughts and using procrastination in your favor, you can start to have more positive thoughts”


4. Sacrifice nothing to be you

Set a new standard in your life that no matter what events transpire and who you spend time with, you will be happy and proud to always be you. I found in my life that I stopped being me for a while and tried to be the person I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

The more I became like other people, the less I stood out and the more boring I became. What’s great about each of us is we are so very different, yet our human blueprint is the same. When faced with a decision to be anything but you, you have to take drastic action and sacrifice everything you have to maintain the luxury of being you.

That’s right; it’s a luxury to be you! Take all the fear about what you have done and the flaws of your family, and just let it all out. Tell people your story and don’t be embarrassed by it.

“Your weaknesses are what draw others closer to you. Your story is what is compelling about you nothing else”


5. Celebrate fear

As Joel Brown would say “take your fear and punch it in the face.” Celebrate every fear you have because fear represents progress. You know what your fears are and so do I. They are the things you avoid or try to put off.

Don’t. Celebrate them because they are the inevitable life challenges that you have to face one day. You cannot catapult your life in the direction you want without them. Understand them, be passionate about them, and tell others about them.


6. Freakin’ smile man

We don’t smile enough. That includes me. See, when we smile we create a positive energy that helps break the pattern of our day and the things that may have gone against us. Unless you start giving off good vibes to other people, it’s going to be very hard to master your life.

“You need other people to succeed at your mission, and you’ll need some fishing line to reel these people in. Smiling is something we can all do to attract the soldiers we need for our battle”


7. Be happy when others succeed

Jealousy is pathetic and you know it is – so do I. What I know for sure is that you have to celebrate when others succeed. If you do this enough, you will find that these successful celebrators will want you around more, and they may even give you reasons to celebrate yourself.

The act of celebrating helps you see the world in a different way, and while you are technically giving a piece of yourself to that moment of celebration, you are in a way, aligning yourself with the same path that the victor is on.

There is nothing I want more for everyone reading this than to enjoy celebrating other people’s victories. Hell, do a victory dance too while you’re at it. Why not? What have you got to lose pal?


8. Set up the game so you can win

Life is a game, and you create the rules. So given the power you have, why not make the rules so easy that you can always win? Let me demonstrate what I mean by this. I created a habit that said I can only be happy if I meditate using an app every single day for twenty minutes.

Guess what? I failed man, badly. The reason is that I tried to go from nothing to something because I am the sort of person that wants massive results quickly. So, what happened was I was not able to maintain the habit and had extended periods of time where I did zero meditation.

The way I solved the issue is I changed the rules of the game. I made the new rule that I have to meditate for five minutes a day no matter what and anything more is a bonus. The result, I am now meditating again every day.

Start Small Goals - Think BigThis very clear example should demonstrate to you that you have to start small and make a goal that is achievable. Trying to go too fast can often be a curse. What I know for sure is that you can setup the rules of any game (goal) in your life to be smaller.

My advice to you would be to make brand new goals much smaller. If you aim to write 2000 words per week, change it to 200 words. If you aim to post on social media every day, then make it once a week. If you aim to lose 100kgs, make it 1kg.

The reason why this strategy will help you master your life is that once you achieve just a small bit of success, you feel good. When you feel good, it becomes like a drug that you want more of. Smaller, bite-sized challenges create intrinsic motivation without you even trying.

Next time you’re trying to achieve something make the start of the goal so easy that even an idiot can win the game. The rest of what is required to win the game will take care of itself.

Which point do you agree with and why? What do you know for sure? Let me know in the comments section below or on my website or my Facebook.

Tips #5: How To Control Your Temper Before You Lose It

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Tips #5: Issue a Calm Warning to Those That Get to You

If you’re constantly dealing with someone who drives you nuts, you can address it without going overboard. Yelling, insulting, and even ignoring them will probably only make the problem worse. Instead, offer them a warning, explaining to them that whatever it is they are doing is pushing your buttons.

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Don’t do it when you’re upset, though. Talk to them when you’re feeling relatively calm so you can be as kind as your temper will allow, and warn them before the flare-up happens. Let them know that you don’t mean to offend them—even if you would like to—but what they are doing is bothering you. They may not have known they were doing anything to upset you, and if they did, now they know you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself. A warning is a simple way to express how you feel and get it out of your system.

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Tips #6: How To Control Your Temper Before You Lose It

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Tips #6: Turn Your Rage Into Productivity/ Motivation

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This trick can be especially effective when you have physical stuff that needs to be done, but you might be able to carry it over into other types of environments as well. Maybe the copier needs to be moved or someone needs to get some boxes of old files out of storage. Volunteer for the “grunt work” and burn off some of that pent up rage. Whatever the task, you’ll feel better and get tons of work done. Sometimes work is the best distraction of all.

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How To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

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There has been a lot of discussion over domain authority so it only makes sense that I discuss DA and its relevance to ranking websites higher within the SERP’s. It is a metric by MOZ and is defined as…

Domain Authority represents Moz’s best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings.”

Essentially, it’s the value given to a domain and its ranking power. This means any link created on a high authority domain adds more value to any given page. The goal for every blogger should be to gain links from domains with high DA. Before continuing, here are a few things to understand about domain authority…

There are many factors that will influence domain authority and it’s hard to pinpoint which ones have the most effect on the number. Next, it’s a metric that can’t be influenced directly and you’ll have to use strategic techniques to influence your DA number. Unlike being able to change your page title and meta tags, you can’t influence DA by simple logging into your blogging platform and making a change. You have to work hard and research what’s important when building value and target those websites going forward.

Let’s get started…


Content People Link To

This is the most important because without high value content, you won’t be able to get those high value links from other domains. The goal should be to attract links from websites with a high domain authority because more value is transferred to your page. For example, you’re better off getting a links from a website with a DA45 compared to one that has a DA10 because you’re getting way more value. Google’s whole algorithm is built on value and relevance, so focus on this elements when building links or writing content.

It’s been proven that writing high value content can generate enormous traffic to your blog, which increases the chance of getting links to your page. Some of this traffic can be from other bloggers with a high DA, who will use your content as reference for their readers. A simple link back can generate a huge boost within the SERP’s. Next,

If you’re building links manually, then focus on article directories that are credible and have a high domain authority as it will add more value to your page.

SEO is in Place

Whenever you build pages or write content, make sure you have the right elements in place so when you’re being indexed, Google knows what your content is about. Make sure you have the right title, description, keywords, and other elements setup so when people link back to your content, everything stays relevant. No point in having an anchor text “link building strategies” pointing to a page that doesn’t reference this keyword. Moz explains…

“You need to improve your overall SEO, and that includes all the details that SEOs know and love — site structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, URL structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, etc. SEO and content marketing require one another.”

To ensure it’s done correctly, make sure you do your keyword research before writing content and complete the SEO elements relevant to your page before publishing. If you wait ‘til later, you might forget!

Use Google Disavow

Sometimes you’re going to have links to your website from low quality websites that hurt your rankings within the SERP’s. Google knows this, so they have provided an awesome tool to remove unwanted backlinks from your profile. Google Disavow tool is accessible through your GWT account and can easily be updated to include URL’s that provide NO value to your page. The key is to keep an eye on your external profile going through every one of the websites that link back to your website. Use tools like to study the DA of those websites and remove the ones with a poor profile. Why is this so important?

A poor quality website will devalue your website and will be considered SPAM. Google is a great search engine, but it doesn’t know how to tell when someone is building links to their own website, which normally is the case when SPAMMY links appear in their profile. Access GWT and go through your list of websites, eliminating the ones that are irrelevant and provide no value to your “target” website.

Internal Linking Structure

There are many benefits to a solid internal linking structure, including increasing your DA over time. How? This metric takes into consideration the value you provide to readers and how often you link to other value content. This can be both external and internal, so make use of other relevant content you have on your website and link to it for your readers. Internal linking is very powerful in the sense it benefits the owner, readers, and search engines because it provides a win-win situation for everyone. For example, a blog owner will enjoy higher engagement on their blog and visitors will find the information they need. Search engines can index more quickly, following the linking pattern throughout your blog.

In the end, it’s important to keep a constant flow of new content published on your blog because the more content, the more internal links you can build throughout your website.


Rome wasn’t built overnight and your DA won’t increase overnight either. Start implementing these strategies and be patient until everything is indexed correctly, etc. The important thing is to not lose motivation and stay focused so you steer your blog in the right direction. If you’ve published valuable content and built an internal structure that is solid, then your DA number will experience a positive bump up.

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6 Ways to Ignite Your Progress Towards Your Goals

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You need an effective road map, winning strategies, and relentless commitment to achieve your most valued goals. These ingredients are the recipe for consistent progress towards your goals. They aren’t enough though.

You still need to take action every day. You need to take massive action. Not once in a while action. Not when you feel like it action. Fear of failure, lack of motivation, and procrastination are always plotting to keep you from taking important action.

Here are 6 ways to combat those forces and jumpstart your progress:

1. Just get started

Don’t overthink it. Don’t create the perfect plan. Don’t worry about every obstacle you may face. These actions add friction that keeps you from taking action.

Eliminate the mental barriers and limiting beliefs that slow you down. Cultivate habits that make it easier for you to start moving towards your dreams. You can set weekly goals that are based on effort instead of outcome.

For instance, you can set the goal of working ten hours per week rather than targeting specific results. This is an incentive to take action. Being attached to the results early on can paralyze you into inaction.

Build the habit of taking action regardless of how you feel (especially when you’re uncertain, uncomfortable, and insecure). You’ll learn and adjust along the way. The most effective strategies and paths will only reveal themselves after you’ve gained enough experience through trial and experimentation.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins

2. Set bigger goals

If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals, you don’t need motivation. You’re driven by how much you want it. Taking action comes naturally and effortlessly. You’re singularly focused on finding the best way to get there.

Elon Musk doesn’t have to drag himself into work every morning. His goals are so compelling that he doesn’t need to search for willpower or motivation. He doesn’t need to google inspiring quotes to get himself going.

If your goals are average, your effort will be mediocre. You will have to strain your way towards your goals. If you’re procrastinating and putting up a lackluster effort, the problem may just be that you don’t care enough about the goals you’re pursuing.

This leads to uninspired action. There’s a simple solution to turn this around. Set goals that fuel and excite you.


3. Know your why

Do you know why you’re pursuing your specific goals? If your answer is no, take a step back to get crystal clear on your motivations. You may realize that you’re going full speed ahead towards the wrong things. If you make massive progress but reach the wrong destination, you’ll feel like you wasted your time instead of being happy about achieving your goal.

If you find that you’re currently on the wrong path, that’s okay. Use this as an opportunity to redirect your efforts towards goals you’re passionate about. Use it to discover meaningful goals in your life. Be grateful that you gained clarity that led you to recalibrate your target.

Once your goals are aligned with your values and priorities, you’ll pursue them with more determination and commitment. The why provides the fuel that supercharges your progress.


4. Celebrate small wins

On the road to success, you’ll experience many setbacks and failures. There will always be another problem to solve. You’ll be stressed and anxious at times. You’ll wonder whether you’re working on the right things at the right doses.

The prescription for these worries is to celebrate the small wins. Break down the goal into many small milestones and congratulate yourself each time you reach one. High five yourself for your effort and dedication.

As you build the habit of celebrating small wins, you shift more of your focus towards the next challenge instead of being concerned about the next ten challenges. Your belief in your ability to succeed is strengthened when you see and recognize the progress you’ve made.


5. Build good habits

Ride the wave of motivation as often as you can. You can’t rely on it though. You can’t schedule motivation on your calendar. You can’t predict how long it will last.

You can’t just rely on willpower either. It diminishes as you make more decisions and tax your cognitive abilities. When your tank of motivation and willpower is empty, habits save the day.

Habits allow you to perform tasks automatically and effortlessly, without using up your valuable brain power. Automate the repeatable activities. For examples, you can schedule when and where you’ll work on your goal.

Instead of making that decision every week, you can do the work at the same time and place each week. The more decisions you automate, the more mental energy you save for the most important activities (like finding creative solutions). Cultivate habits that lead to success.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

6. Plan for setbacks and failures

Many people have already achieved what you’re trying to do. This is great. You can use their experience to your advantage. Study their journey. Learn where they faced major obstacles. You can plan to face the same obstacles at similar stages in your journey. You can know what to expect.

The failures and setbacks will still suck. They’ll still be deflating. They won’t catch you by surprise though. You’ll be prepared for them. You’ll have time to find effective strategies to overcome the setbacks and keep pushing towards the finish line.

What do you think is the best way to make progress towards your goals? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Tips #7: How To Control Your Temper Before You Lose It

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Tips #7: Stick with ‘I’ statements

giphy (10)

To avoid criticizing or placing blame — which might only increase tension — use “I” statements to describe the problem. Be respectful and specific. For example, say, “I’m upset that you left the table without offering to help with the dishes,” instead of, “You never do any housework.”

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